When is the last time you allowed yourself to dream bigger?

Not the kind of vacation you are going to take but what you can focus on that will make an impact in this world?

Often, we are not given the time, money or resources to change at a global scale. It is unlikely you will be the one to cure cancer. Bill Gates is probably not going to fund your idea either.

So, we give up.

We shouldn’t though. While changing the whole world is probably out of reach, we get a chance to change a segment of it.

Scale isn’t the problem here. Changing a tiny slice is an incredible endeavor. The problem is consistency. Showing up day after day, that is really powerful.

How many of us are scared to let a dream run a bit more wild? To dare to fly a bit higher?

It’s not over until it is over. If you are not feeling satisfied it is perhaps you are not tapping into your full potential.