So what?

No one cares more about your product or service or song or book more than you do.

Period. Full stop.

You are not entitled to a 5-star Google Review or for everyone to like what it is you are selling because you worked hard on a project.

If you are making something remarkable, then it needs to be for someone specific.

Since 2008, Kevin Kelly and Mark Frauenfelder have been posting where to find Cool Tools online. Most of those tools are not for everyone. You may not be interested in buying a 500 page book about tools. But someone is.

Instead of building something and then finding customers to buy it, find a customer and build something for them.

Even better, what kind of story am I telling that will resonate with this person I am trying to serve? What are their wants, passion, dreams, fears? What are their hopes and desires? What do they want to change? How can I create status?

Then you are on your way.