How much does this Facebook post affect my reputation?

Because when we ask this question, we might stop and hesitate what we share.

When we realize that our boss or our parents or best friend may see this rant, we might choose to act differently.

There is no telling who will see it and when because it is semi-permanent.

The truth is, you will feel different about the situation in 48-hours (and for sure years to come).

When is the last time a Facebook post changed our mind about anything? You are not there to change minds but to amplify a voice in our head.

Be careful, when we log into Facebook we are stepping into the argument room.

The reason I stopped using Facebook (besides the fact it is a waste of time) is because I got into a disagreement with someone who lives in California and my neighbor in Utah was able to read it. She said, “That doesn’t sound like Josh.” She was right and I was embarrassed. There are no degrees of separation anymore.