100 days

Sometimes we make the gap to becoming an expert so large that we can never cross it. But it doesn’t have to be that big of a bridge to cross.

If you simply dedicate the next 100 days in doing something creative, what would happen?

Produce 100 blog posts and a few good ones that you are proud of will surface. Create podcasts or oil paintings or notes on a music sheet, same story.

Once we ship creative work for 100 days in a row, that’s sufficient in telling ourselves a different story. One that says that we belong–it is a skill that each of us can learn.

And the other side effect is a run. When we start a run of sitting at the computer and writing a blog post every day (just like going to the gym for 3 months straight) it is powerful enough to create a habit.

“Well, of course, I need to sit down and write again today, I am on day 1,750. I don’t want to break my streak.”

It works to shed the excuses.