Be aware of the use of never and always

In the origins of rock climbing, after much trial and error, techniques were perfected and rules were created.

With those rules came the words always and never.

“Always do this.”

“Never do that.”

And as climbing has continued to evolve (including the gear and style) never and alway has changed.

Hard and fast rules maybe out the door in an alpine style. A 40 hour push to the summit with a storm coming in.

By contrast, going climbing with students in the Wasatch, in a more tame setting, you bet there are rules we don’t break.

The difference is in what kind of time is available, what are the conditions, what are the consequences. In other words, is it worth the risk?

Risk is different for everyone.

If you were to ask Alex Honnold, the greatest free soloist of all time, about his thoughts of climbing without a rope. He doesn’t think it is that big of a risk.

Far from how I view climbing. But I don’t free solo. Almost never. And when I do, it isn’t near as technical. I certainly don’t put our students in the kind of danger either.

The perception of risk is what we pursue at Pivot Adventure. The video below captures our philosophy.