About your duty

You will always find those who think they know what your duty is better than you do.

Emerson said that.

It was true then and it is even more true today.

In our highly polarized world, everyone thinks they know better. That they are informed and don’t get fooled by fake news. No one thinks they have blind spots.

What we can do is chase an equilibrium of understanding. That with any argument there is an equal force for counter argument.

No need to throw away what you know just because there are holes in your position.

We just need evaluation. Constantly.

What if I am wrong?

What don’t I know?

Where are the blind spots?

You have to pick an axiom to start your line of thinking. With that are assumptions. With assumptions come holes. An endless pursuit of truth and progression is the journey we can embark on but without a destination to land.

Search out information to disprove what you believe. And if it turns out that your position holds water then you just strengthened it.