Breaking the box

It turns out that a CFO in a business that went under feels stuck. And so does the person who worked in one field for the last 10 years too.

Everyone feels stuck where they are at.

The good news is that anyone with a laptop and an internet connection has the same tools as Jeff Bezos.

That if you wanted, you can string together a long series of hours after work for many months and get better at learning something new.

Do it for a couple years, and you can make a living. Do it for a decade, you have a career.

That is just what the power of your choices can bring. A few hours per day. That is nothing when you consider how much time we spend wasting on our phone or binge watching Netflix.

This feeling of being stuck, most of us feel it. The question is whether you have the guts to start over. Can you stare down the pipe and lean in?

There is no guarantee that pivoting and jumping into a new gig will work. But the thing you thought would work the first time, how did that turn out?