Back to basics

Putting it all on the line is really cool. For a while, at least.

Then there comes a point amongst all the chaos, you forget the basics. The fundamentals that got you where you are at.

I’m not just talking about the practice of shooting free throws alone in the gym either. I’m also talking about self care.

Sleeping eight hours per day.

Praying and meditating.

Attitude of gratitude.

Eating nutritious, healthy meals.

Living in the moment.

Putting down the phone and email.




Looking someone in the eye and have a conversation.

There is no cleaner fuel to burn than the fundamentals. But it does take daily discipline. Many, many seemingly inauspicious choices that leave a major impact.

A tip: Once a week or month dedicate a whole day to the basics and see what happens. Watch how it improves your focus.