Time is a resource

Perhaps our most precious resource.

Every day the clock starts over again for everyone.

So, how do you choose to spend it.

If you are saying Yes to this, what are choosing to say No to?

How we spend our time determines how progress is made.

The significant consequences when we misuse our time is that we become more frustrated when things are not working out the way we think they should.

This is why there is public outrage for a vaccine or social justice, we already knew this was a problem, the data was staring right at us.

Why don’t we invest in solving problems sooner?

Back to time. While each of us is given a fresh 24-hours, we are also focused on the now. Spending it in discomfort isn’t exactly something we typically throw ourselves into.

When we wait, we hope problems will become someone else’s tomorrow.

A trap. A dangerous one at that.

Note: There’s four months left in the year. You can easily put 2 hours per day, stringing together 500 hours of practice before 2021. Plenty of time to learn a new skill.