The easiest way to grow an audience

It turns out in order to sell out Vivint Smart Home Arena, you need to fill it with 18,306 people.

Not 18,307 or a million. 18,306 people that are willing to come see your performance.

By contrast, if you wanted to fill Great Saltair, you need 4,600 fans.

The point is, that even the biggest names have a max capacity.

Because they are not for everyone, they are for someone. Including you. Which means…

Don’t worry about the size of the venue, worry about making a difference. Take the audience you have and make something for them that is worth sharing with their friends.

Much easier than trying to stand on the street corner and shout from the top of your lungs.

Makes something that brings status and that creates scarcity. Solve an interesting problem for those you seek to serve. Do it in a generous way.

Drip by drip.