Simple answers to complex problems

Why is it so difficult for those infected with COVID-19 to quarantine for two weeks? Or to end racism? How come people are still falling for fake news?

I mean it seems simple enough. If your sick, stay at home. Treat everyone equally. Stay off Facebook and Twitter.


Yet, none of these solutions have worked. Because people misbehave. We tell ourselves stories that justify bad behavior. “Just this once” won’t hurt anyone.

Which means two things:

  1. Finding solutions is the easy part. Following through is where the challenge lies.
  2. People take problems and make them more complicated then they need to be. (Examples: Taking a science issue and making it a political one. Taking an equality issue and making it about them.)

There is no magic pill to fix these complicated challenges that lie ahead. Anyone who tries to make it seem so isn’t taking account of human behavior.