How do you see the glass?

Oil, food, water, shelter…we focus most of our attention on finite resources.

For good reason, with ecological disaster looming, people in the not too distant future will be faced with difficult choices on how to manage these limited resources.

The problem is, in a finite world, if someone gets a larger slice of the pie then me, my slice must be smaller.

Yet, infinite resources don’t work this way. When we combine your candle with mine, the light in the room grows.

That’s why your imagination is the greatest resource you have.

Because there are no limits to ideas. If one doesn’t work, we can imagine a new one. Again and again and again.

One of the biggest challenges going forward, with a world of shrinking finite resources is to help those see with a fixed mindset a new world of possibility.

When one door closes another opens up.

Possibilities are endless despite the restrictions.

You are not in a situation of no choice, just no easy choices left to make.