Be passionate

Writers before COVID-19 were writing.

During social distancing, they are writing.

During quarantine, they are writing.

And after this passes, they’ll still be writing.

Writers are writing no matter what the circumstances are. Of course, we are not just talking about writing. What we are really talking about here is passion.

Too often, we think we need to find our passion before we can begin doing great work. No. Instead, do great work and be passionate. 

It isn’t hidden, there is no passion left around for someone to pick up. Regardless of what the work is, you’re passionate.

Passionate people find a way to amplify and share their talents. That’s why some are using this time to get really good at something while others are wasting time on TikTok.

It’s not about the writing (or painting or composing), its about sharing your passion.

If you took the writing away, you still have a passionate person. Passionate people find a way to do great things. The medium doesn’t matter. It never did.