Take care of yourself

Let’s be clear, what this actually means because too often we mix up this idea that we have to take care of ourselves before you can help others.

Taking care of yourself means getting enough sleep, exercising, eating well, praying, meditating, creating something, socializing.

What taking care of yourself doesn’t mean is that you have to obtain a certain lifestyle, acquire certain artifacts or status before making the world a better place.

It’s quite a paradox really:

The more you help, the more you think you have. The less you help, the less you think you have.

Here’s the thing, donating isn’t necessarily going to make you richer in your checking account but it will certainly make you feel like it.

In the end, it is how we feel once we volunteer our time, talents and resources. The question isn’t whether you can help others out amidst a pandemic but rather Will you have the courage to stand up?

You have more than enough to get started. Lift where you stand.