How will you measure your life?

The reason why businesses fail is that they invest their time, talent, money and other resources into immediate tangible evidence of achievement.

It turns out, that we do the same thing.

It’s difficult to see on a day-to-day basis if we are raising well-adjusted children. Difficult to see if the relationship you have with your spouse is continuing to grow.

Yet, it’s much easier to point to our careers and see a promotion or to look at the bank account and think we are doing something well if the numbers go up.

It is making us miserable.

We don’t have to measure our life on one axis but rather:

Did I help someone achieve something they never thought they could do?

Did I help someone see the world as it really is?

Do the lessons I teach, are they turned around and taught to other people?

Did I open a door for someone who turned around and opened a door for others?

Money, status, artifacts…they are all easy to measure which makes it so tantalizing to pursue.

HT Clay Christensen. Thank you for all the incredible work you have done…and now comes good sailing.