Palm reader

The thing about palm readers is that they can’t actually tell the future.

And while most of us don’t actually go to palm readers, we do often put our faith into the same pseudoscience.

“Just one pill a day will help you lose 30 pounds!”

“Learn to be rich by signing up for our $15,000 course!”

There are no shortcuts to the top. There is no escalator. And if there was, everyone is already on it. Everyone wants the shortest path to success.

But, as it turns out, the short path of success is actually the long one. Picking, very carefully, what we allow in our circle to do every day.

Writing a blog post every day.

Running 3 miles every day.

Reading books for an hour every day.

Every day is the path of the places we want to go to.

Be careful of those who turn your hope into a weapon.