What does hard work look like?

Hard work is seen by the amount the weight you lift. The heavier the load, the harder the work.

But what if you simply asked for help and found a few volunteers to lighten the load? Does that mean you worked less than the person that insisted on doing things by themselves?

What about time? If you are able to do a job in eight hours by yourself or if you are able to assemble your team and break the project into parts and finished in two; are you not working just as hard?

We have to redefine hard work. The difficult, hard and scary work of our day is the one who figures out how to assemble the others.

It’s emotional labor.

Emotional labor means this might not work and I am still going to put ___________________ (money, time, status) on the line to see what happens next. Emotional labor means facing rejection, possibly over and over again.

Sure, it is a lot more comfortable doing things alone but let’s not pretend that there isn’t a more efficient way to go about our business either.

(We choose to work alone because of the story we tell.)