They say there are two seasons in Utah.

Winter and Construction.

With so much construction it’s easy to tell ourselves a story of inconvenience.

“Why are they telling us to slow down when there is no one working?”

“Why go this way instead of the other way?”

It turns out, most policies and procedures are not made to inconvenience you, it’s just they are not thinking of you.

They weren’t thinking about how you were running late for work or if you have to drive an additional three blocks.

No, they were thinking about protocol. They were thinking about OSHA. They were thinking about getting through this road so they can start the next. They were thinking about impressing the boss.

While we think we are the center of the universe, we forget that we are not the center of other people’s universe.

Yet, when we start putting other people in the center, that is when we can start solving real problems.