“Are people doing the best they can?”

Do you believe that when people wake up in the morning that they are doing the best they can?

It’s a fascinating question that, apparently, people are very split on. Half of the respondents say Yes while the other half says No.

For the No’s, it really comes down to is this:

Who hurt you?

We become so attached to specific outcomes that when we see our efforts are not working the way we think they should, we begin to feel despondent.

It seems so human, right? To talk about our efforts counting twice as much as others.

When we can morn the loss of a world that could have been, and start to accept things as they are, that people are generally good and want to do the best they can—we begin to open doors of possibility.

If we live in a world where everyone was to be given the benefit of the doubt, that they are doing the best they can, we will, in turn, become happier.

It’s about finding a new way to measure. Focusing on the goal rather than the ideal.

HT Brene Brown for continuing to bring important lessons of our time to the table again and again.