Dunbar’s law

Robin Dunbar theorized that the size of our brains affected the number of relationships one could maintain in their social groups.

That number is roughly 150.

Only 150 people at one given time can you maintain a stable relationship with. That isn’t that many.

Then why do we focus so much of our limited attention on gaining favor with the masses?

What if instead, we made it a priority to take care of the 150 people around us?

You could spend more time making the relationship better with your boss or a long lost family member or your neighbor…instead of looking for other relationships to fill the void.

It’s seductive to talk about the masses because they are so big, so massive, how on earth are you to even begin? But if we were to shrink it down to focus on making our world a better place instead of the entire world, we can begin building the kind of culture we seek to make.

If you can’t change 150 people, how are you to change a million?