Responsibility of admins

What should be censored?

It is right to censor a video on how to make a pipe bomb?

Of course, it is. For good reason.

There are things we don’t want in our culture because it can jeopardize the safety of the people around us.

It’s clear, there are things we accept, things we don’t and others that we are not sure about.

We can all agree that writing 7,500 words on whether Boeing MAX is spelled with lowercase or uppercase letters on Wikipedia is a waste of time.

Someone has to make a choice on what must be censored. Often, we leave that to a designated admin.

The responsibility of admins isn’t to drive the conversation, it isn’t to get people to the same conclusion as you. No, its to make sure the conversation stays within the guardrails that have been set by the community.

Over time, the conversation evolves. The guardrails that were originally set need to be expanded. This mistake, that admins make far too often, is they believe it’s their job to tighten the rules to keep the conversation as it should.

Cannon changes. We adopt new norms, new rules and new practices.

Most admins would rather raise their status and appear to be right than to change. The best admins though? They are the ones you never hear of.