Dr. Google

One problem with Google, particularly when it comes to our health, is that it is easier than ever before to pretend to be a doctor.

That with a simple google search and you can find three thousand articles on a subject. It easy to feel qualified to make a diagnosis.

Here’s the problem with this, the internet isn’t just a collection of data but a place to amplify a story we tell.

To make the fear louder, to establish confirmation bias…

The internet is great to look up things like a DIY video of how to do an oil change. But until we can gain the discipline to not jump to a conclusion when we are scared, the internet is not the place to seek a diagnosis.

If the answers we seek aren’t fitting the narrative, we will keep looking for something until it does.

(Which is how the anti-vax phenomenon continues to spread.)

Because we are not seeking the truth, we are seeking confirmation.