If you want to be a shoe designer

Our first reaction is to say, “I’m not good enough.”

So, instead of building shoes, we go to school to get more education, seek a job for more experience, look for more clients on Instagram, ask for more money so we can have more time…More, more, more…

More is another form of hiding.

We forget, that if you want to become a shoe designer, all you need to do is to start designing shoes.

You don’t need to find a million followers and then begin designing shoes. No, find one person and ask if you can build a shoe for them. And if it’s good, the idea might spread if she tells 10 friends.

Here’s a question, why would someone buy shoes from a designer who has never even designed one shoe?

Of course, the same is true about producing films or writing code or baking gluten-free desserts.

Tinker Hatfield wasn’t Tinker Hatfield until he realized he could apply his background in architecture with shoe design.

He just sort of started. And there is no reason you can’t too.