The new phonebook is here

It’s easy to think that once you’ve published or received that promotion, you’ve arrived. That everyone will know your name.

Except for the top podcasts in the world are only downloaded 20,000 times. The most popular blogs are read even less.

That is such a small percentage of the world. It’s highly unlikely the whole world is going to remember your name.

Sure, there are outliers. But not even Psy could duplicate something like he did. These are edge cases. Far from the norm. Complete accidents.

So, why then do we feel so validated when we get published or credit or five-minutes of fame? Why does an Employee of the Month plaque give us the reassurance needed to do great work?

It turns out, these are placebos. The fact is, you were always capable of doing great work—you just didn’t know it yet. You didn’t see what others saw in you.

The fact is, you don’t need a bigger badge or more education or a better paycheck. Reassurance is futile. The fear of not feeling good enough is still going to be there in the back of our minds and it will never go away.

So, what if instead, we adopted this posture As if.

As if I am an Employee of the Month even without credit or recognition. We don’t need reassurance to do our best work.

If it helps buy a mug that says “World’s Best Boss.” And then, go to work.