“Never give up” is embedded deep in our culture. It’s easy to reward the person who is always moving forward—who starts but never finishes.

It has kept us alive this long, so why change things?

Yet, we don’t stop and evaluate enough about the direction we are heading.

Where are we going anyway?!

Why is it frowned upon to take a step back, to turn around, to step sideways or to be still?

If we are going to lean into the difficult problems we have to be willing to pivot, to adjust our course

Waiting, thinking, pondering…creates tension. Most of us want that tension to go away as soon as possible. So, rather than sitting with it, we move forward to get away from it.

Always moving forward is another form of hiding. A way to fit in.

It’s much easier to say I’m doing X rather than saying I’m waiting to see what my next move is going to be.