Gatekeepers have never been less valuable

The invention of knowledge is one of the most important things we have ever accomplished in human history.

Once we began recording information and were able to share it with someone, the step-by-step set of instructions could be copied.

For centuries though, we have seen the rise of gatekeepers. In order to pass this bridge, you would have to pay a toll.

For a while, this person looked like the local clergymen that could read and interpret the scriptures. And it looked like the scriber, who had the ability to translate and copy one text to another.

Until the printing press…

And today, thanks to theĀ internet, we have shattered the model again.

Because you don’t need a college professor to read out of a textbook that I can check out. You don’t need a talent scout to post your act on YouTube. You don’t need a publisher to publish.

Access to the means of production is now in the hands of everyone (including the “amateurs”).

There’s no need to use the excuse of gatekeepers if we can just hit send ourselves.