The benefit of more reps

The biggest advantage you have for going unnoticed is that you get to continue to improve your craft.

If no one read this blog, then at least I can say I had the guts to publish. At least I can say, that writer’s block is a myth. If it doesn’t work, I can publish again and make it better.

Google when it first started didn’t want too many users. Because they knew with more time it got better.

There is no promise that the work you do will eventually be noticed, that you’ll eventually be able to pay the bills with your craft…but with intentional practice over a long period of time (let’s say ten years) you can get better than you are today.

But will you get so much better that you’ll eventually get published? Is it for all for nothing then to devote ten years and never get published, never make the NY Times Bestseller list, to never have it pay the bills? We can’t expect these types of outcomes with more practice.

Instead of saying With practice I’ll get better, what if instead we say, With practice I’ll feel better.

No matter the results, you can point to another rep.

If what you do is done for love you will always find a way to do it.