Why do you insist on keeping these limitations?

“Well, I’m not good enough.”

No one ever is.

Jackson Pollock literally threw paint on a canvas.

Marcel Duchamp ignited the Dada movement and flipped the art world upside down with Fountain—a urinal with the words R. Mutt written on the side of it.

Bob Dylan still can’t sing after 60 years of practice.

Brene Brown sought after therapy before coming the world expert in shame.

Scott Harrison was a night club promoter (and a drug addict) before starting Charity:water.

All great artists have great flaws.

For us? We hold onto these limitations because we believe it keeps us off the hook.

It’s never quite the right time, it’s never quite the right moment, we always feel unprepared, we’re uncomfortable with the responsibility, we lack the training and know-how…

What if instead we decided to just do it anyway. Do it because it must be done.

Don’t wait for limitations to go away before you begin. Create despite your limitations.

If not you, then who?