Dependency and gasoline

Everyone has that friend that constantly obsesses about gas prices.

They drive out of their way (particularly far from freeway exits) to find a better deal. They know and follow prices like the stock market and are upset when they find that they are losing the game.

It should be no surprise to discover that 40% of consumers say that gas prices effect their mood.

Why? Why would gas prices affect someone’s mood?

It turns out that 86% of Americans depend on gasoline for everyday life and it is ranked above healthcare and an emergency fund in terms of importance.

If we depend on something, we want it to be safe and reliable. And when it isn’t safe or reliable, then we become concerned.

Other examples of things that we depend on that affect our mood:

  • Pay checks
  • Bonuses
  • Tax returns
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • The internet
  • Plumbing

The less we can control the more anxious we feel.

It’s clear that deep down we don’t want to lose the comforts that we take for granted.