Deep in our brains, we are wired to play games. To make something into a competition.

That’s why Strava is so popular in the mountain community—who has the fastest known time up the mountain?

It is important to understand that in our culture if you are not gaming your life, then someone is gaming it for you.

Social media intensifies this experience. We make it a game with how many likes, shares, views, badges. We trade in our time, energy, attention, money all for a shot of dopamine, a shot at higher status.

Of course, there is no way to win the social media game. It’s a trap.

So the question then becomes, what type of game are you playing?

Is it the type of game that brings joy or meaning to your life?

Is it the type of game that lifts others up?

Does it create possibility or tension?

If it isn’t helping you learn, grow, connect, solve a complex problem than why are you playing it?