Owning it

No one has a problem owning a success.

That’s easy.

Owning a mistake, however, is really hard.


Why is it so hard to own a mistake or failure?

It’s because deep down we fear that we are a failure. When we slip, we now hold evidence. Proof that we are not good enough.

Artist understand that this tension will never go away.

“This might work.”

“This might not work.”

The fact is, every bestseller on Amazon has one-star reviews.

So, let’s be clear. You are not a failure for trying to move mountains. The critic who says he doesn’t like your work is right. The critic who says no one will like your work is wrong.

Your work is not for everyone but it is for someone.

Owning a mistake is having the courage to say, “It’s not for them.”

And you can move on to someone who cares about the change you are seeking to make.