A jury can be persuaded, why can’t you?

In the court room, the prosecutor faces the jury and presents an argument.

If the argument is well thought out, backed with evidence and data and is proven without a shadow of doubt, the jury would then change their mind—moving from a position of innocent to guilty.

The difference between a court room and our culture is that the jurors prepare to have their minds change.

Unfortunately, we don’t.

In our culture, it’s difficult to find people who are willing to be wrong or change their minds in the face of truth. We label these people as “flip-floppers.”

We’ve built a culture to point when someone is wrong. Perhaps we should encourage those around us to not have all the right answers, to seek real truth, not our perception of it.

And maybe, “Knowing what I know now, I can make a better informed decision.”

Isn’t that what having a discussion is all about?