Why do we seek so many fresh starts?

Because when we connect with a new tribe with new faces, they don’t know who you were before.

They don’t know your past and the mistakes you’ve made. They don’t know all the little embarrassing moments and epic fails.

That’s why moving, or starting a new job is so appealing. We get a clean slate. It’s tempting to think the answer is to start over often since we mess up so much on a daily basis.

But what if instead of using fresh starts as an opportunity to run away, what if we focused on fresh endings?

Could we close projects, end discussions and interactions, say goodbye to each work day in a more meaningful way?

Is it possible to be missed when you are gone after every interaction?

It may be a long shot. The alternative is to wait until tomorrow to start again. Except, what guarantee do we have that we will still be here?