The importance of a good opening

Until 1977, the opening credits for all movies started the same way. They would name the Writer and the Director to give credit to the impresarios making magic happen. But when George Lucas came on the scene, he decided to break all the norms in his magnum opus Star Wars. He wanted to do something that had never been done before.

Instead of starting the movie with his name, Lucas went with his iconic tagline, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”, followed by a loud bang. That opening would become one of the most iconic in movie history.

He paid a price for his defiance. The Directors Guild of America fined Lucas $250,000 for his heresy, forcing him to leave the guild.

Here’s the thing, most of us don’t even think twice about how we start our presentations. We follow cultural norms and standards. That’s why every speech at the Oscar’s feels the same. Except for the ones that don’t.

We have been given valuable space when we stand in front of an audience. Don’t waste it by pleasing your sponsors. You’re there to make something happen to those who are seeking to be changed. Work in your Thank you as the presentation goes on. Whether you’re accepting an award or directing a major motion picture, figure out which rules to bend and which ones to break.

The ones that don’t fit in like the rest are the ones that we remember.