Bad news via email

Have you ever waited to open an email containing bad news?

You check it ten times hoping it will disappear on its own. We foolishly tell ourselves that once we open Pandora’s Box there is no closing it. So we wait and squeeze every moment we can before the inevitable storm hits us. We fuel our fears and anxieties, while imaging every possible worst case scenario.

Of course, once we open it, it never is as bad as we imagine. Sure, the mistake still needs to be fixed but stalling has only put more pressure on us to finish the task at hand–adding more stress and emotion to the situation.

Wouldn’t it have been better to just face our fears head on to begin with instead of letting them grow?

How much time and stress would we have saved?

The good news is when we have to open up unwanted email we don’t spontaneously combust. So there’s that.