The cost of waiting

The record industry insisted for things to stay the same.

They had the perfect formula:

In order to produce a record, you needed to be signed, in order to be signed you had to be picked, consumers had the radio to listen to the top hits, but in order to listen to these top hits on your own, you had to buy their records and around and around we go.

It worked for a really long time. They had built a monopoly of scarcity.

Until Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker changed everything.

Overnight, these two 20-year olds flipped the entire music industry upside down by pioneering peer-to-peer file sharing.

The record industry ignored Napster and waited until it was too late.

That is what the internet has done. It has given us the power to connect, to share our best work with the world. The tools that control the means of production are now available for anyone.

The Internet has made the cost of failure almost zero. It has never been easier, faster or cheaper to start a movement. You no longer have to wait to be picked, you just need to decide.

The cost of waiting continues to rise. Every day more blogs are posted, new projects are produced, new art is being made.

This door, this opportunity will not be like this forever. It’s your turn. You get to decide.