What kind of changes am I making?

Frederick Taylor‘s approach: Am I using stopwatches and clipboards to improve processes and efficiencies? Am I faster, cheaper, more accurate today than I was yesterday? Am I waiting to be shown what to do next? Do I use the same time-tested methods I’ve used before? How else can I improve my yields?

The Scientific Method: Is this an ongoing process? Am I forming a hypothesis, testing and measuring, extrapolating data and developing a theory to make an observation?

Johannes Gutenberg’s example: In a time when 96% of the population was illiterate, the printing press was launched. What a terrible time to start a book publishing business. Is this project I’m working on ahead of its time too? Am I anticipating a shift in the market? Am I seeking to make the world a better place by shipping something before anyone is ready? Do people get the joke?

Drip by drip: Am I day by day, little by little, taking small incremental steps to get to where it is I want to go? Am I being productive when no one is watching?

Fail. Fail again. Fail better.: Do I understand that failure is an outcome not a part of my character? Am I making products for everyone or for someone? Do I make customers for my products or do I make products for my customers? Do I understand that failure is an option?

Is this what Artist do?: Am I doing something that has never been done before? Am I trying something that might not work? Am I challenging the status-quo? Is this generous enough? Am I making a giant leap forward? Am I daring to see how high it is I can fly?

Systematic approach: What type of game am I playing? Does someone have to lose in order for me to win?

Asking the right questions: What is this for? Am I polishing or publishing? Am I doing things because they are popular or because they are important? Am I making things better or keeping them the same? Do I choose to see the world as it is or am I cherry picking evidence to reinforce my internal narrative? Is this another form of hiding? How can I get to where it is I want to go? Am I helping someone along the way? How do I make the change I am seeking to make? Is this the best I can do? How does this help me build a culture that we can all be proud of?

The only change that matters is the kind of change that leads to growth.