“I worked hard to get where I am today”

Did you? Really?

Sure, we worked. No life is easy. But hard?

When what the last time we were down in the salt mines sweating for 15 hours a day with no lunch breaks? When was the last time we went to bed hungry? How far did we have to travel to find clean water today?

It is more likely that we took advantage of the opportunities we were given. We can’t confuse our industrial world as “hard” over the real struggle for survival that too many face every day.

It is important, essential to remember: That we were born in the greatest, safest periods in human history and enjoy the fruits of the sacrifices others made before us. We enjoy many comforts that the rest of the world is still yearning to have.

What is essential going forward isn’t resting on what we did to achieve our current status but what have we done to help others along the way in this short journey.

There are lots of people that work hard and don’t ever make it. What right do we have? What did we do to deserve this?