Here is your hammer

When there is nothing to lose, you have nothing to lose.

Yet, the older we get, the more accustomed to certain lifestyles we become, it is easy to tighten the hold we have on our artifacts (house, cars, TV’s) we possess.

Loss aversionendowment effect kicks in, debt becomes ubiquitous, more and more we feel trapped. The lizard brain says, “Don’t be stupid!”

No one wants to risk starting over. But is starting over the worst thing that can happen?

It’s a shame that the system has worked overtime to put a glass ceiling on our potential.

Taking chances feels more risky the older we get but the greatest risk is doing the same things we did yesterday today in a fast, changing world.

Recognizing the false limits we put on ourselves and having the courage to break through is one of the greatest contributions we can make in a culture that tries to dumb down the masses.

You may not feel comfortable standing out of a crowd and leading, but it is the opportunity you have been given.