How are we changing the narrative?

There are two tactics:

The first is to alter, modify, replace how we see the world.

And the second is used as a form of hiding.

The former can be a tool to help us get unstuck, get out of our own way, make a situation better, help us combat Resistance. We can use it to help us push through the dip and to level up–to do something we have never done before.

The latter is a tactic we use to cement ourselves in the positions we take–our biases and prejudices. We change the subject when we can’t argue on fact or evidence. We ridicule and exclude others as a form of hiding. We don’t want the shame of being wrong. (People like us do things like this.) Worse, we don’t want to change our minds because that is not how we were brought up to see the world.

Narratives are all invented. If we picked up one that isn’t working, we can put it down and try another.