Understanding the role fear has on our culture

Cable news uses urgency to capitalize on our fears. Have you noticed that all news is breaking? Statistically storms are reported more inaccurately on cable news than with the National Weather Service. Why? Because the worse it seems the more we tune in.

Social media has trained us to check in incessantly. For many of us, it is the last thing we do before bed and the first thing we do when we wake up. I think it is because we want to make sure the world didn’t fall apart while we were asleep.

Video games and VR can be used as tools to elevate our performance. Too often they distract us from doing important work. They are used as an escape from our reality. (Here is a world you can control.)

Fear will never go away. It is how we are wired. The trick is learning to separate shadows–what is real risk and what is fake.