Do more by speaking up

School has conditioned us to follow the rules, to sit still, to fit in with the crowd. It has trained us to work within the boundaries set by those with authority: Follow these simple set of instructions and be rewarded with an A (or get paid).

There is no need to raise our hands anymore. We don’t need to ask for permission to go do that thing you always wanted to do. All you have to do is stand up and speak out.

We have tools now (like the Internet) that give a microphone to the voiceless.

[That is worth fighting for and protecting.]

Human beings are irrational creatures. Many don’t second guess driving a car 80 miles per hour while on a cell phone everyday. Yet, our biggest fear remains public speaking. (Probably one of the safest activities we can actually do in a group setting.) It’s no coincidence though. It has been drilled into us since the beginning.