To the ones who came

You peek through the curtain and to your disappointment there are only a few seats filled. The house is wide open.

It’s not fair. You’ve worked so hard for this moment. And while it is easy to take your anger out on the audience, you then realize it’s not their fault…they’re the ones who came.

And it is natural to focus all your energy to pull in that one person in the back that refuses to participate or is distracted on their phone.

But it’s not for them. No, it’s for the ones who came.

Your art, that cause you fight for, your life’s work, your movement, it’s not for everyone, it’s for someone–the ones who came.

This. This post is for you. For the ones who came. The ones who have showed up.

Today is my 600th consecutive blog post. From the bottom of my heart thank you. Thank you in the deepest ways for reading and being part of this journey.