How to write 400 books in a lifetime

It is often said that the key to good writing is re-writing. This is true. Re-writing is an important skill to develop.

The cost of failure in today’s market has never been lower. (Think digital.)

The challenge moving forward is not polishing, it’s shipping.

We are caught up in the idea that our work needs to be perfect before we ever bring it to market. Because, deep down, we are afraid. We are afraid that the work we do isn’t good enough. We are afraid of being judged.

The thing is, your product, your good, your service will never be perfect the day you ship. And neither will you.

Isaac Asimov wrote over 400 books in his lifetime. He wrote for eight hours day, every day.


Because he was professional.

When he was stuck on a novel, he didn’t quit writing until he felt like writing again. No. He wrote and wrote and wrote. Bad writing, good writing, it didn’t matter.

Not every book he wrote became a national bestseller. But do enough bad writing eventually some good writing will surface.