Sales are down this quarter

So you could make more sales calls, knock more doors, send more emails using the little trust and attention that’s left to gain short-term profits.

You could fire everyone on the sales team, until you don’t recognize the company you keep.

You could call another meeting and assign more blame.

You could look for more short cuts and shave more edges, saving another quarter of a cent per unit.

But, then again, you’ve already tried that.


Maybe it’s time to fire the 20% of customers that generate little value and are taking 80% of your time.

Maybe this is an opportunity to recommit to the promises you’ve made: Are you being the person you say you are?

Maybe it’s time to stop measuring ourselves through magical digits and bits and start focusing on how we are going to help someone that needs to be helped.

There is more to life than being the fastest or the cheapest or the biggest.