Painfully obvious

Everyone has resources. Some of us have more resources than others: money, time, intellect, energy.

It doesn’t matter how much of these finite resources you have, what matters is how you use them. What matters is how much you care. What matters is if you are willing to bring emotional labor to the table.

It seems so painfully obvious but you can literally start with anything.

You can help at your local church, charity, non-profit. You can help the widows, the poor, the needy. You can choose to start a movement. You can choose to make a better environment in your home. You can pick up the trash that you see on the floor. You can hold the elevator door a little longer. You can let someone in your lane or write a letter. The cliché of helping the old lady cross the street with her groceries, you can do that too.

It’s not your job but you do it. You do it because it needs to be done. You do it not because you have to but because you get to.

I think we all are looking for the same things: respect, dignity, love, trust, being missed when we are gone.

That connection is waiting to be made if you are willing to show how much you care.

The time to start is now. Soon just isn’t good enough anymore. There are too many distractions to take us out of this moment.


Make a ruckus.