The gap

There is a gap from seeing things as they are and seeing what could be.

Too many of us are stuck. Too many of us are afraid. We feel like we lack the means to sojourn the journey. We haven’t done this before. The future is uncertain. We’re unable to leap.

So conceding that the gap is too big for anyone to cross (except for those “other people”, the 1%, the ones with talent), why take a risk?

It’s safer to be on this side of the chasm, it’s the way it always been and it’s the way it’s always going to be. It’s safer to know the outcome, even if it is less desirable.

It’s easy to put fear in the driver’s seat.

But for the others who are on the fence, who want something better I think we have get an opportunity: To shine a light for them to follow.

Helping people do something they never thought was possible is always in short supply. The future is in need of more people like you to bridge the gap.