You’ll never be as good as Donald Bradman

Most Americans have never heard of the name Donald Bradman. Bradman was the greatest cricket player of all time. And it’s not even close.

Bradman’s lifetime batting average was 99.94. The next best batting average was Graeme Pollock’s 60.97. It’s like a baseball player batting over .500 every season for his entire career.

If you look at the standard deviation for above average athletes in sports, 2.3 would put you in the top 1%. Bradman had a standard deviation of 4.4. He was better at cricket then Jordan was to basketball (3.4), Nicklaus was to golf (3.5), and Cobb was to baseball (3.6).

By these metrics, you can argue that Bradman was the greatest athlete of all time.

The lizard brain is very good at tricking us into believing that we have to be the best in order to belong.

If you are going to wait to be as good as Bradman to feel like you belong, you will be waiting for a long time.

Because you will never be as good as Donald Bradman at anything you choose to do.

So why wait?

You belong when you decide you belong. You belong when you start contributing to the tribe. You belong when you start making a difference.



Make your ruckus.

We need you.

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