Measuring time

Humans are the only species on Earth that measures time.

We have places to go, people to see, things to do.

Somehow, with all of this measuring and tracking, we can’t seem to make enough time to do the work that matters most.


I think about how tonight, I will travel in my car to get home. I’ll cover more miles in a fraction of the time than people ever did two centuries ago. I think about how I won’t have to till the ground or chase down my meal. I think about how I have more access to more knowledge than anyone ever in the history of the world. And it’s only one click away. I think about how I don’t have to keep the fire burning all night to stay warm. Or how I don’t need to go find clean water. Or that I don’t need to wash my dishes or clothes by hand.

I can go on. The point is that many of us live a life of convenience. More luxuries than ever before.

So what’s my excuse going to be today of why I didn’t have any time to do something that makes a difference?

[Anyone who spends an hour a day watching television, just demonstrated they have an hour of their time to solve an interesting problem, volunteer in their community or do work that matters.]