Standing on the edge

Right now, you might be standing on the edge of something really great and daring.

But then at the last second, you blink. You hesitate. You stop believing.

You’re probably thinking that you’re a fool to believe you could do something that matters.

[What difference does it make? I’m nobody. What makes me think I could ever do something so audacious? Why fly higher?]

But it does matter. You matter. Everything we do matters.

If we realized the dramatic effect that the choices we are making (the small, incremental, day by day kind) has on our outcomes, we would see a happier and healthier people.

It’s scary to think of a society of people who are uneducated. (Thank you public school.) But I think it’s more frightening living in a world where people believe that the choices they make don’t matter anymore.

[Do you recognize yourself? Do you have dreams and goals and things you want to accomplish before your time is up? What’s keeping you back? Probably has more to do with going on in the inside then what’s going on in the world.]